Find below our range of services

Direct Marketing:

We're very creative with ways to take your brands to the required target, wherever they are.

Experiential/Market Activation:

We combine project management, technical talent and raw aggressive marketing with entertainment to launch your products or exhibit your brands at events that remain memorable long after.


We present a powerful creative and articulate campaign with multimedia exposure that ultimately captures the target market to increase profits.

Public Relations:

Our team of seasoned practitioners are always ready to develop comprehensive programs for tactical campaigns and winning strategies for your business.

Printing and Branding:

Our Print and Production Unit (Magic Studio), is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for all your printing and branding needs.

Media Strategy & Planning:

With sound knowledge of the terrain, we investigate research and propose the most effective and appropriate media plan to fit any timetable.

Digital Media:

Your online advertising needs are taken care of by our in-house information tech gurus. Our team will establish your presence across a wide range of social media platforms.


We partner with established brands, activities or events to further create a competitive edge for your brand.

Sales Promotion:

With the use of practical and time proven techniques, we impact on your sales and transform your business.

Web Design:

In an ever changing global village, it is imperative for all businesses to establish their presence online. Our team of I.T. gurus with their robust website and commerce expertise, design solutions across a wide range of social media to strengthen and optimize your brand.

Ethnic Branding:

We run an exceptional support service unit that offers Art, Interior Decoration and Contemporary Fashion for that unique Afropolitan experience